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 Saloon Tokens is a site dedicated to just those Trade Tokens used in Saloons across America
  from  the late 1870's up to Prohibition (1920).

 Saloon Tokens , like all other merchant tokens, falls under the umbrella of Trade Tokens and Trade
 Tokens fall  under the catagory of Currency. Used in saloons as an early form of advertising, much
 like they  used Saloon Nudes to intice the young men,  and a way to force customers back into
 their  establishments, saloon owners gave tokens in place of actual change from a purchase.

 In Al Erickson's book, "Saloon Tokens of The United States", copyright 2008, he indicates  there are
 over  6,000 known saloon tokens from across the land. Three States have no known tokens. They
 are;  New  Hampshire, South Carolina and Vermont. 

 The goal of this site is to eventually have all known
saloon tokens photographically listed. As a
 result of this popular type of currency, poker found a home in the saloons. Even though the
 United States has a
history of prohibition with Texas Holdem, the poker chip has become synon-
 ymous to money in  most  brick and mortar casinos worldwide, as the token was back in the day.

 I am of the belief if something is worth doing, it is worth doing poorly until you can do it well. In
this case "poorly" means "small" since I have few genuine saloon tokens myself. In order for this site to grow I am depending on collectors who are willing to submit
their tokens for all to see. To make submissions just click the link below and provide the following; a close up photo of both sides, material made of and any
information you have.


If you want your name associated with a submission include your name as you want it to appear. In addition to making submissions you can help by alerting the
collectors you know about this site. Together we can create a place where people can come and learn about saloon tokens and maybe get a few folks interested in
this field of collecting.

We hope you find the site informative and beneficial and decide to return often.

Total Number of Tokens Currently Pictured - 1,936 (32%) of well over 6,000 known.
Additions made as they are received so stop back often.

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Saloon Tokens established  10.21.2009 as an informational site
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